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china mold companyMold Sourcing China Co., Limited is a provider of precision plastic injection mold design and mold manufacturing China, precision plastic injection molding and value added services. With our vertically-integrated product offerings and service, we provide mold design, mold manufacturing and sale of precision plastic injection mold (“MDF”), precision plastic injection molding (“PPIM”) services and other PPIM-related value added services (“Value Added Services”) in a one-stop service to global customers in Prototype Parts Mold, Electrical Mold, Sporting Equipments Mold, Plastic Toys Mold, Automotive Part Mold, Household Plastic Mold, and other Industry Products Mold.

Our company was established in 1997, and it covers an 110,000 square foot consisting of 19,500 square foot of plastics molding with the remainder being office and housing facilities. Living with Productivity as a constant goal we continuously strive for advanced techniques and equipment MSC owns and effectively operates modern and leading equipment: High-speed Processing Center, EDM Machine Center, Wire Cut Machine Center, Machines Fitting, Tool Trials Injection Molding Machine etc… plastic mould maker china Manufactured molds for plastics in China ———- china mould maker,China mold factory, China toolmaker, china mold supplier, china injection mold company, injection mold china, China mold company   >>more

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